Advertising Terms and Conditions

  1. All advertisements are accepted and published by the Publisher entirely on the representation that the advertiser and/or agency is properly authorized to publish the entire contents and subject matter thereof. When advertisements containing the names, picture and/or testimonials of living persons are submitted for publication, the order or request for the publication thereof shall be deemed to be a representation by the advertiser and/or advertising agency that they have obtained the written consent for the use in the advertisement of the name, picture, and/or testimonials of any living person which is contained therein. In consideration of the publication of advertisements, the advertiser and/or agency will indemnify and save the Publisher harmless from and against any judgements, costs, expenses, or disbursement incurred by reason of any claim or suit arising out of the content or subject matter of such advertisements, including but not limited to claims or suits for libel, violation of right of privacy, tortious misrepresentation, plagiarism, or copyright infringement.

  2. The Publisher reserves the right to cancel any advertising any time prior to the date of publication. The Publisher reserves the right to reject any advertisement. The Publisher reserves the right to add the word, “Advertisement” at the top of any page which, in her sole judgment, to closely resemble the Greensheet Media editorial pages.

  3. Insertion order must be bona fide and must specify a definite schedule of insertions, issues, editions, and sizes of space, print or digital, for a specified advertiser. Two or more advertisers are not permitted to use space under the same contract.

  4. Rates, terms, and conditions are subject to change without notice.

  5. The right to determine acceptability based on overall graphic and content considerations is reserved by the Publisher.

  6. Ad Position is never guaranteed.

  7. Results are not guaranteed. Greensheet Media will deliver deployment of insertion orders content.

  8. Greensheet Media is not liable, and shall not issue any credit or adjustment, for slight changes, typographical errors or other errors that do not diminish the value of the advertisement.

  9. In the event of an error that materially diminishes the value of the advertisement or a failure to publish or deliver an advertisement in a specified issue or time period, Greensheet Media’s liability shall be limited to one of the following Potential remedies, selected at Greensheet Media’s option and subject to the Limitations, below:
    1. Potential Remedies (at Greensheet Media’s option)
      1. Publishing the advertisement (or republishing a corrected version) as soon as practicable after the error is brought to Greensheet Media’s attention: or
      2. Crediting the advertiser (or refunding the advertiser’s payment) for so much of the advertisement as is MATERIALLY affected by the error.
    2. Limitations
      1. No credit or refund shall be given for more than one incorrect insertion, unless Greensheet Media is notified of the error in writing before the publication deadline for the next insertion.
      2. No credit or refund shall be given for any error if Greensheet Media receives the request to run the advertisement (or receives corrections or changes to copy submitted as a “proof”) after the applicable deadline for publication.
      3. No credit or refund shall be given for omissions or errors (including but not limited to omissions or errors of key numbers) not included in original text, photos, camera ready repros, negatives, or electronically submitted by or on behalf of Advertiser/Agency.
      4. No requests for credit or adjustment due to error may be made more than 10 days after the date of the insertion. Please adjust during same run week. If adjustment is submitted after the 10-day window, the adjustment will reflect Rep Error automatically.
    1. No advertisement is “accepted” for publication unless and until it is published and Greensheet Media reserves the right to reverse any acceptance decision.

    2. Greensheet Media will endeavor to publish and/or deliver all approved copy at the dates or times specified by the advertiser, but no specific time period, date, section, page or position is guaranteed.

    3. Without limitation, Greensheet Media shall not be liable for any damage arising out of or with respect to any failure to publish or deliver an advertisement: any error in a published and/or delivered advertisement; the operation (or failure in operation) of the Internet and/or any servers or systems comprising all or any portion thereof; or otherwise from the publication, delivery or dissemination of any advertisement. Greensheet Media does not warrant either the results to be obtained from publication of any advertisement or that Greensheet Media’s performance will be uninterrupted or error free.

    4. Readership data and website usage statistics provided to advertisers represent a general description of past performance and are not a prediction of future performance. Future performance may be higher or lower than past performance.

    5. Customer is responsible for the commitment as indicated on the signed insertion order. Upon original agreement fulfillment, client may cancel their agreement at any time with 30 days written notice. All past due balances for services must be paid in full according to the current terms and agreement. Until this notice is received, billing and services will continue on a month to month basis indefinitely.

    6. Insertion order fulfillment will be measured as of the first date of actual service, regardless of the dates listed on the initial agreement, and fulfilled for the amount of time listed. Example: An agreement/insertion order with run dates of January 1st –March 31st (3 months) but does not go live until February 1st will run until April 30th (3 months). Client will be responsible for ads running from February 1st-April 30th. Delays are not anticipated but may arise from any of the following: approval, artwork, acts of God, etc.

    7. For Digital advertising - customer must give 30 days' written notice for cancellation.   In addition, for website development and hosting there will be an additional fee to transfer website files to recoup any upfront costs associated with the cancellation.